Wildwood Cemetery


Wildwood Cemetery is governed by a parish-governed Cemetery Commission authorized by the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Members of the Idlewild Parish Cemetery Commission include John Mole, Ericka Aspir, Gilbert Jacquet, and Sophia Jocque. The commission establishes rules and regulations, as well as prices and services. Cemetery personnel maintain Bayou View Cemetery, which is located in the Town of Myrtylegrove.

Notable Burials

When Manuel Aspir's beloved wife, Paulina, passed away, he chose a beautiful spot to lay his beloved's remains to rest. On the farthest edges of his land, and on a gently rising crest that allowed a view of all the lands that they had loved and owned, Paulina Ivette Herrera Aspir was buried. Three years later, Manuel was buried at her side.

The land and a few miles surrounding it were designated as the parish's official burial grounds and named Wildwood, after the boat that brought Manuel and Paulette to America when they eloped together. Residents of Idlewild Parish have been interred there ever since.


Obituaries are displayed on the deceased's profile card page after death. You may also view mini-obits of Wildwood Cemetery's deceased here, courtesy of the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Use your BACK button to return to this page after viewing.


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