Gamesend Grounds & Bella Memorial Gardens


Gamsend Grounds and Bella Memorial Gardens are governed by a parish-governed Cemetery Commission authorized by the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Members of the Laketon Parish Cemetery Commission include Marissa Cleveland, Armand DeBateau, and Samantha Cordial. The commission establishes rules and regulations, as well as prices and services. Cemetery personnel maintain Gamesend Grounds, which is located in the Town of Belladonna Cove and Bella Memorial Gardens, which is located in the City of Priene.


A peaceful, shady grove donated by the Gamesend family, near the farmlands of western Belladonna Cove, is the final resting place of Laketon Parish's citizens.

The small cemetery is a lovely resting spot, but the Cemetery Commission realized that it was filling up quickly. To prevent running out of burial grounds, and to decrease the number of burials at Gamesend Grounds, a new, large cemetery was built on the outskirts of the City of Priene.

Laketon Parish residents have a choice of being buried at either cemetery.


Obituaries are displayed on the deceased's profile card page after death. You may also view mini-obits of Dustyvine Cemetery's deceased here, courtesy of the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Use your BACK button to return to this page after viewing.

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