Belle Grove Cemetery


Belle Grove Cemetery is governed by a parish-governed Cemetery Commission authorized by the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Members of the St. Baume Parish Cemetery Commission include Joshua Ruben, Emelie Traver, and Vicki Centowski. The commission establishes rules and regulations, as well as prices and services. Cemetery personnel maintain Belle Grove Cemetery, which is located in the Town of Magda-Crist County.


Incorporated in 1860 and dedicated in 1865, Belle Grove Cemetery offers a dignified selection of burial options including an urn garden, columbarium, community and private family mausoleums, as well as traditional, in-ground burials, all in a historic, non-sectarian setting. With 478 acres filled with thousands of trees, flowering shrubs and four lakes, Belle Grove Cemetery offers eternal tranquility among timeless beauty.


Obituaries are displayed on the deceased's profile card page after death. You may also view mini-obits of Belle Grove's deceased here, courtesy of the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Use your BACK button to return to this page after viewing.


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