Tumbleweed Cemetery


Tumbleweed Cemetery is governed by a parish-governed Cemetery Commission authorized by the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Members of the Viridian Parish Cemetery Commission include Loki Beaker, Meredith Subject, Pascal Curious, and Ophelia Smith. The commission establishes rules and regulations, as well as prices and services. Cemetery personnel maintain Tumbleweed Cemetery and the section known as Specter Memorial Park, which is located in the Town of Strangetown.


After the death of his beloved daughter, A.P. Vandermorgan created an "oasis in the desert" for her to be laid to rest in. A few years after Lyla's death, A.P. and then his wife, Jacqueline, passed away. They, too, were interred here and the grounds, as bequeathed in the Vandermorgans' will, was dedicated as a local cemetery.

A small section of Tumbleweed Cemetery houses Specter Memorial Park. Interred in this quiet spot are Ichabod Specter and his wife, Olive Specter, along with a number of different people who were buried on the couple's land near their home. After the sale of the Specter estate, all of the graves on the property were moved here. Why they were interred on the Specter property still remains a mystery.


Obituaries are displayed on the deceased's profile card page after death. You may also view mini-obits of Tumbleweed Cemetery's deceased here, courtesy of the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. Use your BACK button to return to this page after viewing.


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