Aiyanna Alin
Aiyanna Dallas

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Aquarius

Degree: None

Career: Unemployed

Position: N/A

Predestined Hobby: Sports

Lifetime Aspiration: Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens (Not Met)


Full Name: Aiyanna Erin Dallas Alin

Parents: Unknown

Maiden Name: Dallas

Siblings: None

Spouse(s): Aaron Alin

Children: Alexandra Alin, Adrian Alin

Life Events of Note


  • Was a NPC maid before marrying Aaron Alin

  • Was abducted by aliens the night before her wedding


Aiyanna Alin lives with her husband and son at 408 Road to Nowhere in Strangetown.

Through The Years

Aiyanna Dallas