Calista Deppiesse
Calista Despret

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Cancer

Degree: None

Career: Home Business

Position: Owner

Lifetime Aspiration: Graduate 3 Children from College (Not Met)

Died of: Old Age

Resurrected by: Desi Deppiesse


Parents: Unknown

Maiden Name: Despret

Siblings: None

Spouse(s): Connor Deppiesse

Children: Desmond Deppiesse , Danica D. Kauker


Undead, but still fresh...

These are the words you'll see in pretty, pink calligraphy above the store to Calista Deppiesse's family-run flower shop. Why such an unique slogan, you may ask? The answer likely isn't one you'd expect. Calista is a zombie.

Raised by her son, a well-known medium in the area, Desi Deppiesse, at her request over five years ago, Calista has done what she started out to do: Finish training her daughter to fully take over the store. Calista hopes that someday her young granddaughter, Elannah, will become the next's store owner - and that she can use its success to provide for her children - and then her children's children, and so on.

So worried was Calista that she would die before her daughter, Danica, could be fully trained, she asked her son to bring her back as a zombie. When asked how it is being zombie among the living, Calista replies with her usual good-nature, "If they don't mind my moaning, then I don't mind them."

Danvesport's resident zombie is a beloved member of the community. Though most people were frightened of her at first, Calista says folks have grown used to having her around.

"I'm just like everyone else, " she says, "except for the fact that I'm dead." She laughs and continues, "I'm still me. I mean, I still feel like me. I walk a little oddly and I moan a lot, which I can't control. Other than that, and the constant thoughts of tasty brains, I'm pretty much the same old gal that loves to garden."

Now that Danica has learned the ins and outs of owning a successful flower shop, Calista has moved on to other pursuits - she was just chosen to be the parish's official record keeper.

"I'm honored!" Calista exclaims. "It's such a prestigious position; such an important and integral part of the communities of Burgundy parish. I'm very excited - and I think I'm perfect for the job, because as time goes on, I'll have hands-on knowledge of past events! Who would be more qualified?"

We couldn't agree more.

Calista Deppiesse is the wife of the late Connor Deppiesse - though she was born Despret. She lives at home with her daughter, Danica, her son-in-law - and Danversport's resident Mayor, Dorian Kauker, - and their young daughter, Elannah. Her son, Desi Deppiesse, also resides at the residence.

Life Events of Note


  • Started flower shop out of home:
    • Calista's
    • Logo after her death: "Undead...but still fresh!"
  • Business Info:
    • Rank: 10
    • Value: §50,000
  • Employees:
    • Brandon Lillard (Cashier)
    • Tosha Go (Restock)
    • Trent Wilson (Sales)


  • Was NPC Gardener before marrying Connor Deppiesse
  • Is a zombie