Brandi Lothario
Brandi Broke

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Aries

Degree: None

Career: Law Enforcement

Position: Cadet

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Captain Hero (Not Met)


Parents: Betty Simovitch, Bob Newbie

Maiden Name: Newbie

Siblings: None

Spouse(s): Skip Broke, Don Lothario

Children: Dustin Broke, Beau Broke, Ian Broke, Isabel Lothario Twins!, Catelyn Lothario Twins!


Brandi Newbie Lothario lives, with her husband, at 194 Sim Lane in the town of Riverblossom Hills.

Life Events of Note


A young widow, Brandi raised her three sons the best she could. Her hard work paid off, and Dustin and Beau are leading productive lives on their own. Then she met and fell in love with Don Lothario and had the daughters she'd always wanted; not so much the loving husband, though.

  • First Husband: Skip Broke (Died)
    • 3 children with

  • Second Husband: Don Lothario
    • 2 children with (twins)