Jennifer Burb
Jennifer Pleasant

Aspiration: Fortune

Sign: Gemini

Degree: None

Career: Criminal

Position: Pickpocket

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Criminal Mastermind (Not Yet)

Died Of: Disease


Parents: Diane Danders, Jeff Pleasant

Maiden Name: Pleasant

Siblings: Daniel Pleasant

Spouse(s): John Burb

Children: Lucy B. Monif


Jennifer Pleasant Burb lived, with her husband and daughter, at ??? in the town of Pleasantview until her death of disease. Her granddaughter, Amy Monif, and her husband Leo Deppiesse, now own the home.


Burb, Jennifer Pleasant A pickpocket, wife and mother and a native of Pleasantview, she died tragically of a sudden disease; she was 56. She is survived by her loving husband, John Burb, and one daughter and son-in-law: Lucy and Conrad Monif. She also leaves behind 3 grandchildren, Amy Monif and husband Leo Deppiesse, Brad Monif, and Jeff Monif, and three great-grandchildren, Garrett Deppiesse, Giselle Deppiesse, and Ginger Deppiesse. She was preceded in death by her parents, Jeff and Diane Danders Pleasant, brother, Daniel Pleasant, and sister-in-law, Mary-Sue Oldie Pleasant.