Collen Family History

Satellite Families

These are the satellite families spawned from the Collen Legacy; the children that were not chosen to be Legacy Heirs during The Legacy Challenge.

This page shows the non- heir siblings; each are listed under the Generation they hailed from. From each, you can access the full family pages that have been created for that branch of the family tree.

These families moved into neighboring suburbs and cities associated with Legacy Acres; either Kith Village, Dynasty District or Scion City. College-bound students furthered their education at Heritage University or Kin Tech.

Satellite Families: Cameron, Lillard, Day, Deppiesse, Lam, Lawson, Philips.

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Family Member Details:

2nd Generation Satellite Line:

Rebecca Collen DeppiesseRebecca Collen

Daughter of Elizabeth Collen & Brandon Lillard | 2nd Legacy Generation

Quiet, mousey Rebecca was originally pegged to carry on the Collen Legacy, but her unattractive offspring caused the torch to pass on to her brother, Michael, and his beautiful wife, Dagmar.

Rebecca didn't mind. All she'd ever wanted was a quiet life with a caring husband and healthy children. With Michael and Dagmar raising Ian, and she and her husband, Leo, soon after having their second child, the Collen home had become very crowded.

After their father died, Rebecca and Leo packed up Devin and Dena and moved into a small home down the road - where they have sat, unplayed, since.

This line is continued on the Deppiesse Family pages.

3rd Generation Satellite Lines:

Perry CollenPerry Lillard

Son of Michael Lillard & Dagmar Bertino | 3rd Legacy Generation

Red-headed lothario, Perry Lillard, moved out of the legacy home shortly after becoming an adult. His story will resume when I, someday, decide to finish off the lives of the satellite families that the legacy family has spawned.

This line is continued on the Lillard Family pages.

5th Generation Satellite Lines:

Dustin DayDustin Day

Son of Reese Lillard & Jessie Day | 5th Legacy Generation

Joaquin Phoenix-lookalike, Family aspiration Dustin lost the bid for heir to his beautiful, intriguing sister. That suited him just fine, however. Dustin always dreamed of giving an orphaned child a happy home, and he adopted young Jennifer before moving out on his own. He and Jennifer wait for me to play them when the Legacy is done.

This line is continued on the Day Family pages.


7th Generation Satellite Line:

Christy Stratton LawsonChristy Stratton

She didn't care that he was old, or that he liked to wear over-alls at home as opposed to stuffy business suits. She didn't mind his long, white hair or his dark age spots. She didn't even care that he was married - Christy Stratton was head-over-heels in love with her boss the first day she started working for him.

She was his assistant, and catered to his every whim. If Mitch was aware of her longing for him, he never acknowledged it. He was married, and he loved his wife - his "Annie", he called her - and Christy respected that; loved him even more for it. She was sad for him when Anne Marie passed away, but secretly a part of her was overjoyed. She doted on Mitch even more. He was a family-oriented man, a man that needed love and attention - the kind of man that needed a wife, and Christy wanted to prove to him that she could be just what he needed.

It must've worked, because he soon began to return her affections. There was much innocent flirting, and then he invited her to be his date for his son's wedding. Little did Christy know it would end up being her wedding day, too!

Though their time together was short, Christy knows she will forever love her Mitch - and with two over-active, red-headed twin sons to remind her, she won't soon forget him. After Heather and Kyle had their second child, Christy and the boys moved out on their own - away from the now crowded home.

After moving to the Dynastry District, Christy met and married Shaun Phillips, who adopted her twin sons from Mitch.

This line is continued on the Phillips Family pages.

Rory LawsonRory Lawson

Son of Kyle Lawson & Heather Gonzaga | 7th Legacy Generation

I'd hoped that Rory would roll a Pleasure aspiration, because the kid liked nothing more than to have fun; no matter what I'd tell him to do, his favorite activities were singing on the karaoke machine and jumping in puddles of water. He returned to these things every time I wasn't looking. He, however, rolled Fortune. With his mother's red-hair, and his grandmother's zest for life, I think Rory will go far.

It was a difficult decision deciding between he or his baby sister, Riley, would carry on the heir torch. In the end, his lovely sister won the bid and Rory went on to college; awaiting me to finish this Legacy.

This line is continued on the Lawson Family pages.

9th Generation Satellite Line:

Brendan LamBrendan Lam

Son of Gwyn Harris & Jay Lam | 9th Legacy Generation

Younger brother of Adia, son of Gwyn and Jay. Brendan's birth heralded major changes for his family - within days of his being born, his grandfather died and his mother had caught his father having an affair with her father.

Brendan is currently futhering his education at college.

This line is continued on the Lam Family pages.

Riana LamRiana Lam

Daughter of Gwyn Harris & Jay Lam | 9th Legacy Generation

"Surprise" child of a newly made-up Jay and Gwyn. Gwyn turned into an Elder the day her baby daughter turned into a Toddler.

Riana is currently futhering her education at college.

This line is not yet continued, but will be so when Riana marries. The surname of her husband will be the satellite family, so as not to confuse with her brother's Lam line.

10th Generation Satellite Line:

Brendan LamLandon Cameron

Son of Adia Lam & Curtis Cameron | 10th Legacy Generation

Younger brother of Lilliana, son of Adia and Cameron. Landon, a successful lawyer, lives in Scion City with his Far East-native wife, Marisa, and their toddler daughter, Lindy.

This line is continued on the Cameron Family pages.