Jodie Larson
Jodie Larson

Aspiration: Fortune

Sign: Aries

Degree: None

Career: Law

Position: File Clerk

Predestined Hobby: Unknown

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Chief of Staff (Not Met)


Parents: Alvin Larson, Elise Larson

Maiden Name: Larson

Siblings: Jason Larson Twins!

Spouse(s): None

Children: None


Jodie Larson lives, with her twin brother, at Rosewood Duplex in the city of Cambelton.

Bio: Being the oldest of two twins, Jodie feels it is her duty to take charge, but will her pushy personality overwhelm her "little brother" and cause their business to bomb?

Through The Years

Jodie Larson Jodie Larson
Adult (Makeover)