Maxis Family Ancestors

The Broke Family

Surnames associated with the Brokes: Broke, Newbie, Simovitch.

Though the Broke's are newcomers to the game, Brandi Broke is the daughter of none other than Bob & Betty Newbie - everyone's favorite tutorial Sims from the original The Sims game.

Significant Brokes

Brandi Broke

Compared to her deceased husband, Brandi comes from a strong background. Marrying Skip doesn't seem to have improved her lot in life, considering she starts the game a single mother with two young sons and one on the way - living in the equivalent of a shack.

Brandi is the only child of Bob Jr. and Betty (née Simovitch) Newbie.

The genealogical trail doesn't stop there, as we are also introduced to Brandi's grandparents: Bob Jr. is the son of Bob Sr. and Mags Newbie, while Betty is the daughter of Vadim and Fatima Simovitch.

If you would like to see how Brandi's life played out in my game, click here.

Skip Broke

Unknown before The Sims 2 (and even after, since he is dead when the game begins), Skip Broke is known only as the father of Dustin, Beau and Brandi's unborn son, and the man who drowned in a "mysterious pool" accident involving a missing ladder.

Skip was preceded in death by his parents, Flat and Flo Broke. (Do you get the idea they didn't exactly come from money?)

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