Maxis Family Ancestors

The Caliente Family

Surnames associated with the Calientes: Al Mahmoud, Caliente.

The hot and controversial Caliente sisters have a past almost as interesting as the present-days lives they start the game with.

Significant Calientes

Dina & Nina Caliente

Twin sisters, Dina and Nina, are the daughters of Flamenco and Nighat (née Al Mahmoud) Caliente, both deceased.

Flamenco is the son of Nestor and Dulcinea Caliente, obvious fans of salsa dancing; Flamenco had a half-brother, Tango, who never married. However, Dulcinea is not the mother of Flamenco; he was the result of an alien abduction that Nestor went through. His mother/father (however that works) was Pollinatioin Technician #7.

Nighat is the daughter of Tariq and Benazir Al Mahmoud.

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