Maxis Family Ancestors

The Curious Family

Surnames associated with the Calientes: Curious, Hogleg.

The Curious Brothers have a curious ancestry, that's for sure.

Significant Curiouses

Lazlo, Pascal, & Vidcund Curious

The Curious Brothers are the younger siblings of Jenny (née Curious) Smith, who is married to alien, Pollination Technician #9. They are also the half-siblings of the Singles twins, Chloe and Lola, who were born from their father, Glam, after being impregnated by P.T. #9. Talk about a tangled web!

The brothers, along with Jenny, are the children of Glam and Kitty (née Hogleg) Curious. Glam is also the father of half-alien twins, Lola and Chloe, from an abduction.

Glam was the son of Notzo and Zo Curious.

Kitty was the daughter of Hamm and Annie Hogleg. Yes, Hogleg. I know it sounds odd.

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