Maxis Family Ancestors

The Greenman & O'Mackey Families

Surnames associated with the Greenmans & O'Mackeys: Greenman, O'hara, O'Mackey, Teatherton.

Jason O'Mackey became a Greenman after marrying Rose and taking on his wife's surname. Rose has no ancestry, being plant Sim, and therefore has no birth parents or ancestors, but Jason and Gabe O'Mackey have a very rich one.

Significant Greenmans

Jason Greenman & Gabe O'Mackey

Jason Greenman and Gabe O'Mackey are the sons of Seth and Prudence (née O'hara) O'Mackey.

Seth O'Mackey (Jason & Gabe's father), is the son of Heath and Jaiden O'Mackey .

Prudence O'hara (Jason & Gabe's mother), is the daughter of Ira and Gabriella O'hara .

Jason is married to plant sim, Rose Greenman. They have one daughter, Daisy.

Gabe was married to, but is now divorced from, Alexandra Teatheron. The couple have a daughter, Jules, who lives with her father.

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