Maxis Family Ancestors

The Grunt Family

Surnames associated with the Grunts: Grunt, Vandermorgan.

In alien-friendly Strangetown, the Grunts are nearly the outcasts. Still, their past is interesting - and kooky - enough to help them fit in.

Significant Grunts

General Buzz Grunt

Gen. Buzz comes from a long line of professional military men. His father was General Chip Grunt, who was married to Missy Grunt.

General Chip was the son of General Rock and Wanda Grunt.

Obviously a male-dominated family, the Grunts are the only Maxis-created family without a definite female line. Buzz's mother is listed only as "Missy Grunt"; we have no idea of her ancestry. But what do you expect from a family that names their patriarchs Rock, Chip, and Buzz?

Lyla Grunt

Long-dead and divorced even before that, it seems pointless to even mention Lyla (née Vandermorgan) Grunt - but she is the mother of Tank, Ripp, and Buck, and that makes her ancestry important in the game.

With the death of Lyla, the Vandermorgan family was no more. She was the only child of A.P. and Jacqueline Vandermorgan.

Lyla died of electrocution sometime after she and Buzz divorced.

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