Maxis Family Ancestors

The Jacquet Family

Surnames associated with the Jacquets: Jacquet, Jeffress.

The Jacquet family, consisting of Gilbert Jacquet and his aging mother, Denise, reside at 223 Idlewild Street in Bluewater Village.

Significant roths

Denise Jacquet

The Jeffress family originated with Sabastian and Nicole Jeffress. The couple had one daughter, Denise Jeffress.

Denise Jeffress married Yves Jacquet, son of Jerome and Suzanne Jacquet. The couple had one son, Gilbert Jacquet, the current head of the Jacquet family in Bluewater Village.

Gilbert Jacquet

The Jacquet family originated with Jerome and Suzanne Jacquet. They had one son, Yves Jacquet.

Yves Jacquet married Denise Jeffress, daughter of Sabastian and Nicole Jeffress.

Yves and Denise are the parents of Gilbert Jacquet.

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