Maxis Family Ancestors

The Jocque Family

Surnames associated with the Jocques: Jocque, Kokinos, Pachis, Vachel.

The Jocque family, consisting of husband and wife, Marcel and Sophia, and their teen daughter, Violet, has a rich ancestry that goes back a couple of generations in Desiderata Valley.

Significant roths

Marcel Jocque

The Jocque family originated with Armand and Gabrielle Jocque. The couple had one son, Henri Jocque.

Henri Jocque married Amie Vachel, daughter of Sebastien and Amie Vachel. The couple had one son, Marcel Jocque, the current head of the Jocque household in Desiderata Valley.

Marcel Jocque married Sophia Pachis, and they had one daughter, Violet Jocque.

Sophia Jocque

The Pachis family originated with Flavian and Theresia Pachis. They had one son, Jason Pachis.

Jason Parchis married Alyssa Kokinos, daughter of Philip and Catherine Kokinos.

Jason and Alyssa are the parents of Sophia Pachis Jocque.

Sophia Pachis married Marcel Jocque, and they had one daughter, Violet Jocque.

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