Maxis Family Ancestors

The Roth Family

Surnames associated with the Roths: Chesterson, Goldstein, Hickey, Roth, Swank.

The Roth family, an obvious play on Pleasantivew's Goth family, has a rich ancestry that should not be overlooked.

Significant roths

Morty Roth

The Roth family originated with Tyronne and Justine Roth. The couple had two children: Annabelle Roth and Cassidy Roth.

Annabelle Roth married Gavin Goldstein, son of Nathanial and Carmela Goldstein. The couple had one daughter, Betty Goldstein, who now lives at the Viejo residence.

Cassidy Roth married Sara Hickey, parents of Morty Roth.

Sara (Morty's mother), is the daughter of Johnathan and Jennifer Hickey.

Morty Roth married Stella Chesterston, and they had two children, Sandra and Xander.

Stella Roth

The Chesterson family originated with Homer and Tabitha Chesterson. They had one son, James.

James Chesterson married Sally Swank, daughter of Harlow and Edna Swank.

James and Sally are the parents of Stella.

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