Burgundy Parish

by Mrs. Calista Deppiesse

People looked at me oddly when I applied for the Record Keeper's position, but - let's be frank - who else would be more qualified?

As the years go by, as generations come and go, I will be here to see it all. Raised from the dead a few years ago by my talented, medium son, I am the parish's own, and only, zombie. I have no problems with that; it was I who asked Desi to bring me back. How else could I make sure our flower business stayed prosperous, and my family - and its future generations - would all be cared for?

So I died, came back, changed the store's slogan to "Undead, But Still Fresh!" and the business has prospered. I was no spring chicken when I left this world as a human, either - meaning I'm qualified in having direct experience with the past as well as having ample time to keep up with current events. My daughter has now fully taken over the flower shop, and I was able to take this job. I love it. As I said, who would be more qualified?

I love Burgundy Parish, and everything in it. Being able to track its progress, and record its memories means a great deal to me. Someday, everyone I know will be gone - there will be new places, fresh faces, and a different time to learn to live in. Yet I will still be here. In this way, I feel the parish and I have much in common. In this position I will be able to share the past with the new generations, and record their lives for future ones. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

If there is any information - past or present - that you need on Burgundy families, or any of the lands that make up Burgundy Parish, please feel free to contact me anytime at calista.deppiesse@skatoolaki.com. You can also stop by or drop a line to me at the Record Keeping Building at:

Burgundy Parish Record Keepers Office
318 Angola Road
Danversport, SL

If you would like to contact the main record-keeping office or get in touch with any other parish record keepers, please visit the Skasimlaki State Records Office page.

Cities & Towns

Danversport is the parish seat of Burgundy Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki.

Also included are the community of Sage Hill, the small business town of Hunter Crossing, and the small metro area of Old Town.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at Hardin College.


Burgundy Parish currently has a population of 20 Sims.


Danversport, and eventually the surrounding areas, were founded by knowledge sim and philosopher J.S. Guidry. Though it is one of the smaller parishes in Skasimlaki, it is a quiet and comfortable place to raise a family.

Spread out around verdant hills and surrounded by large, placid lakes, Burgundy Parish is one of the most beautiful in Skasimlaki and a regular vacation spot for those looking to get away and relax.

Important Sims

Dorian KaukerMayor Dorian Kauker

The current Danversport mayor is Dorian Kauker, who married into the prestigious Alpha family line. Dorian's parents are unknown, and he was raised in a local orphanage.

Dorian began working as a police officer for the Danversport Police Department. On the job he met the beautiful Danica Deppiesse, and the two were soon wed. He moved into her parent's home, as her ailing mother was training her to take over the family's flower shop. Dorian had never had a family of his own, and the Deppiesse's accepted him as one of their own.

Dani and Dorian gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Elannah. With the flower shop doing so well, Dorian's mother-in-law, Calista, encouraged him to leave the police force and get into politics - his dream for as long as he could remember.

Eventually, the young orphan boy was the mayor of a thriving town. Dorian couldn't believe how far he'd come.

Mayor Kauker continues to live at home with his wife, Dani Kauker - proprietor of Calista's - and their daughter, Elannah. His brother-in-law, a local medium, Desi, and his zombied mother-in-law, Calista, also reside in the home.

Katherine YoungCalista Deppiesse, Burgundy Parish Record Keeper

Undead, but still fresh...

These are the words you'll see in pretty, pink calligraphy above the store to Calista Deppiesse's family-run flower shop. Why such an unique slogan, you may ask? The answer likely isn't one you'd expect. Calista is a zombie.

Raised by her son, a well-known medium in the area, Desi Deppiesse, at her request over five years ago, Calista has done what she started out to do: Finish training her daughter to fully take over the store. Calista hopes that someday her young granddaughter, Elannah, will become the next's store owner - and that she can use its success to provide for her children - and then her children's children, and so on.

So worried was Calista that she would die before her daughter, Danica, could be fully trained, she asked her son to bring her back as a zombie. When asked how it is being zombie among the living, Calista replies with her usual good-nature, "If they don't mind my moaning, then I don't mind them."

Danvesport's resident zombie is a beloved member of the community. Though most people were frightened of her at first, Calista says folks have grown used to having her around.

"I'm just like everyone else, " she says, "except for the fact that I'm dead." She laughs and continues, "I'm still me. I mean, I still feel like me. I walk a little oddly and I moan a lot, which I can't control. Other than that, and the constant thoughts of tasty brains, I'm pretty much the same old gal that loves to garden."

Now that Danica has learned the ins and outs of owning a successful flower shop, Calista has moved on to other pursuits - she was just chosen to be the parish's official record keeper.

"I'm honored!" Calista exclaims. "It's such a prestigious position; such an important and integral part of the communities of Burgundy parish. I'm very excited - and I think I'm perfect for the job, because as time goes on, I'll have hands-on knowledge of past events! Who would be more qualified?"

We couldn't agree more.

Calista Deppiesse is the wife of the late Connor Deppiesse - though she was born Despret. She lives at home with her daughter, Danica, her son-in-law - and Danversport's resident Mayor, Dorian Kauker, - and their young daughter, Elannah. Her son, Desi Deppiesse, also resides at the residence.

Further Information

All information on this page was compiled and written by Burgundy's official record keeper, Calista Deppiesse. The article on Calista was written by Jan Day and appeared in the Old Town News . No information on this page may be reprinted or republished without the consent of Mrs. Deppiesse and/or Skasimlaki Hosting.

Any queries about Burgundy Parish and its areas, must be forwarded to Mrs. Deppiesse at calista.deppiesse@skatoolaki.com.