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My Sims 2 Firsts

They are moments that can never be recreated - what The Sims 2 fan doesn't remember their very first birth, death or nervous teen kiss in the game?

Though these life events may be commonplace to us now, the very first time we experienced our Sims do some things we were nervous, happy and/or sad right along with them. These moments happen with different Sims in everyone's game; these were mine.


Dot First Death by Unnatural Causes:

Kaylynn Langerak
NPC Maid

I doubt I'd been playing the game a full hour when my first death happened; poor Kaylynn has the honor of being my first death period as well as my first unnatural death.

Don Lothario had decided on a toaster pastry for breakfast, but just as he popped the tart into the toaster oven his carpool arrived. Don rushed out the door and the pastry continued to cook...

I watched in helpless exasperation as the toaster oven began to smoke, and then to burn. Why do I always forget to buy a smoke detector?! The fire quickly spread through Don's small kitchen and I wondered if the entire house would burn down before he returned home.

It was then that Don's maid (and, I later learned, his lover) Kaylynn Langerak came by for the daily cleaning. I never knew Kaylynn in life so I cannot say whether she was an astute gal; yet if she was, today was not one of her smartest days. The dunderhead walked, I swear to you, directly into the flaming kitchen - she came in the door, bee-lined for the kitchen and walked right into the heart of the inferno.

Who knows? Maybe she'd found out Don had been giggling under the covers with half the neighborhood and she had a death wish. Perhaps the odor of cleaning agents had finally gone to her head. Maybe she just thought all the bright flames were really pretty. We'll never know what prompted the young maid to run headlong into the pyre, but her death was, at least, quick.

Don was a little...shocked, to say the least...when he returned home and found his kitchen and dining room in ashes - replete with the urn of his former maid and lover sitting admist it all. He buried her in the backyard under a shady tree. I suppose it goes without saying that she is still one of the angriest ghosts I have in the game.

Another thing of note. After this incident, it is exceedinly rare for a female maid to come to any of the Pleasantview homes - and even then you have to fire a few male maids to make it happen. I suppose they're either scared or on strike.

Dot First Death by Natural Causes:

Mortimer Goth
The one and only

Mortimer's death was tragic in that I completely missed it. I was busy doing something in another part of the house when I heard Alexander wailing outside and the little "center" window come up. "What the hell is going on?" I wondered.

By time I got to the spot it was too late. Where Mortimer had once stood was only a tombstone and Alexander was inconsolable, as was Mortimer and Dina's toddler son, Jaren. The Grim Reaper seemed unconcerned about taking one of Pleasantview's most famous citizens and hurried off to another job while Mortimer's sons stood crying over his grave.

Dina was upstairs napping when Mortimer perished on the lawn; though, to her credit, she did seem genuinely upset as she blubbered over his headstone later.

Even more tragic is that Mortimer's urn/tombstone vanished from the lot at some point and has never returned. Now all that remains of Mortimer are the memories...

Dot First Platinum Grave:

Mary-Sue Pleasant
The Original Soccer Mom

With her husband already dead, one daughter estranged, her only granddaughter a blood-sucker, and her "good daughter" finally succumbing to the marriage proposals of the town's trash-turned-politician, one wonders what Mary-Sue Pleasant - with her ideals of the "perfect family" had to be so happy about!

Yet happy she was the day she left Pleasantview for hula parties in the sky. Mayhaps it was the prospect of unlimited mai tai's for all eternity. Mary-Sue did love her evening juice cocktails.

Her lovely golden urn sits on an antique, gold-worked table in her old home - now inhabited by newlyweds, Angela and Dustin Broke.

Dot First Zombie:

Sandy Bruty
Most Seen Townie

Ms. Bruty is everywhere; she might possibly be my game's Most-Seen-Townie. Regardless of the neighborhood, whether your at home or Downtowne, Sandy Bruty is going to make an appearance.

It was Sandy's ability to be everywhere at once that caused her to be handed this strange fate. Sandy struck up conversation with CAS Sim, Simon Tester, as she was walking by his home one fine day. Simon invited her in for lunch. As he was preparing it, unusually hungry, Sandy wandered outside and was immediately drawn to the scrumptious-looking slice of cake Simon's cow plant was offering her.

Needless to say, it was quickly all over for our townie socialite. Simon felt terrible that his cow plant had ended this innocent, young woman's life; since he had been created to test out all of the Career Reward Objects, he phoned up the Grim Reaper to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, Simon was a little on the broke side and, though Sandy did come back, she wasn't...quite the same.

Dot First Vampire:

Elena Pleasant
Daughter of Lilith Pleasant and Dillon Broke

Raised exclusively by her mother, Elena had always had a penchant for "dark" things. After finishing high school, she moved away to college with dreams of becoming a Paranormalist. Elena had no idea how deeply her life was going to become entrenched in the occult.

Her Freshman year she met, and fell in love with, Count William Enriquez, Pleasantview Downtowne's resident head vampire. Elena hoped and prayed that Count William would turn her into a vampire, but it seemd it was never going to happen. Then, one night after their first woo-hoo, her dream came true.

Elena dropped out of college after she found it was too difficult to schedule night classes, and, with Count William's help, bought an expansive mansion on top of a hill overlooking her old home town.

Elena, eager to try out her own vampiric-making abilities, turned her college crush, Kenneth Mazza, into a vampire as well.

Vampire Elena currently resides on her secluded, hilltop mansion with her and Count William's son, Damien. Count William is a regular visitor to the mansion, but prefers not to move in, though Elena has a host of boyfriends and admirers that stop by to visit. Her former fling, Kenneth, is now her greatest enemy and plagues her home at night with stolen newspapers and kicked garbage cans.

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Dot First Baby Born In Game:

Jaren Goth
Son of Mortimer Goth & Dina Caliente

Jaren owes his life to his father in more ways than one. Dina was my first pregnant Sim so by time I realized her Hunger, Energy and Bladder bars were depleting three times faster than normal, I was fighting hard to keep her alive.

Of course, it was at this time that Dina's first husband decided to make a surprise visit; quite a surprise, considering he's been dead for a few years. She was tired, she had to pee and she was starving and in the middle of making a quick sandwhich to get her through the night when Michael Bachelor appeared to spook his young wife. He succeeded in scaring her - to death.

Luckily for she and the young baby growing inside her, Mortimer was near by. He begged for the life of his trophy wife and won. After that I believe Dina loved Mortimer for more than just his money; at least it appeared so.

A few days later Jaren, my first Sim baby, was born into the Sim-world - none the worse for his brush with death.

Dot First Twins Born In Game:

Payton and Piper Grunt
Son & Daughter of Ripp Grunt & Jill Smith

I didn't want to use any cheats to make twins happen - though I anxiously awaited my first surprise bundle"s" of joy. It was Ripp and Jill that produced the first set of twins - a boy (Payton) and a girl (Piper).

They have their parents hair colors; Piper's is brown like her father's and Payton's is blonde as is his mother's. Piper is fairer skinned, and Payton has a tinge of darker skin, most likely from the gene that turned all of Jill's siblings, other than Johnny, completely black.

The two are presently in high school and preparing for college.

Dot First Alien Birth:

Stella Curious
Daughter of Pascal Curious

Most likely everyone in the game's first birth-by-abduction came from Pascal Curious - the Sim you thought was just fat when you first started playing him. It was quite a shock when he first went into labor!

Young Stella was soon followed by a cousin, Dana, daughter of Vidcund. The two were raised together and are more like sisters than cousins. Stella is currently in college pursuing a degree in Biology.

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Dot First Marriage In Game:

Don Lothario & Cassandra Goth
'Til Divorce Do Us Part

I'd had reservations about allowing the proposed wedding between Cassandra and Don go through. For starters, in my sister's game, Don had run off at the very last moment - leaving a heartbroken Cassandra crying at the altar. And Cassandra seemed like a nice girl who only wanted a huge family; her mother had been abducted by aliens and her father was chasing after girls near her own age - it wasn't her fault she'd fallen for the town trollop.

But, against my better judgement, I let it happen. She was happy and she thought she was in love with the slut; perhaps a hard life lesson was just what she needed.

Don and Cassandra were happy for awhile - well, Cassandra was (if you consider "oblivious" to be the same as "happy"). Besides the two children he had with his wife, Don had created offspring with his former fling, Nina Caliente. All the babies popping out everywhere were enough to make Don have not one, but two, nervous breakdowns. Maybe that's when he got careless.

It wasn't long before Cassandra came home early and found him in the hot tub with Nina. Or was it Marisa? Melissa? Well, with one of his many bitches-on-call. Though it broke her heart, Cassandra found some inner strength and kicked Don to the curb. I'm happy to report she is now happily re-married to like-minded (Family Aspiration) Sim who shares her dream of having 10 children.

Dot First Divorce In Game:

Don Lothario & Cassandra Goth
'Til Divorce Do Us Part

Wouldn't it make sense that the first marriage in the game was also the first to dissolve?

It isn't that my other Sims didn't have marital problems; far from it. But they were always able to work it out. Even Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant had made their peace. But Don is no-good - he could never straighten his act out and Cassandra deserved better.

Considering that since the divorce Don has remarried, set himself up with a permanent mistress/girlfriend and has fathered children all over Pleasantview with an assorted array of women, Cassandra made the right choice.

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Dot First Private School Alumni:

I'll get back to you when I remember!

Dot First College Graduate:

Millia Erude
Magda-Crist County CAS Sim

Millia is, still, one of my favorite Sims. I've liked her ever since I created her and have been extremely pleased with how her life turned out (though I do wish her daughters had inherited more of her features than their fathers').

She was the first Sim to graduate college after I purchased the Uni expansion, though not with honors. She is currently living in Magda-Crist County with husband, Mark Wills, and daughter, Kera. Their oldest, Kiley, has recently graduated college with a History degree and has moved in next door.

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Dot First Perma-Plat Sim:

Anne Marie Bertino Lawson
Legacy Acre's Most Notorious Evil-Doer

My favorite Legacy Sim - obviously I worked hard with her - reached Perma-Plat status shortly before her death of old age. For a granny, she sure looked hot in those purplish-gray tights.

She will forever be immortalized as the original Criminal Mastermind - the one that all of my Sim criminals will attain to be like for the rest of my Sim gaming days. Talk about a legacy!

Dot First Pleasure Aspiration:

Mira Bliss
Made for Pleasure

Mira was created so that I could test out the new Pleasure aspiration and cars when the NL expansion came out. She is currently living a wild and carefree life in Magda-Crist County.

Dot First Car Owner:

Mira Bliss
Made for Pleasure

Mira was created so that I could test out the new Pleasure aspiration and cars when the NL expansion came out. She is currently living a wild and carefree life in Magda-Crist County.


Dot First Pet:

Adopted by Jenny Curious Smith

I was so excited about The Pets expansion pack! The first Sim I chose to be a pet owner was Jenny Smith. She had just become an Elder, only two of her six children were still living at home (and they were busy teens), and her husband had been dead for some time now. She didn't get to see her grandchildren often enough, and Jenny was just plain lonely.

I took her to the local pet store, but couldn't decide on anything - and in walked the cutest, little stray named Pepper. He and Jenny, with little help from me, hit it off splendidly. Before I knew it, they loved each other to pieces and Jenny was ready to adopt him.

Jenny and Pepper are very happy together to this day.

Dot First Litter:

Roget, Nola, & Antoinette
Bred by Amy Deppiesse of Pleasantview

Amy, daughter of Lucy Burb, moved into her grandparents' home after their death and began immediately working on starting the large family she'd always dreamed of. She married gardener, Leo Deppiesse, and the two had a young son, Garrett. Before marriage and kids, however, Amy had Suzi - a precious little dog she'd adopted over the phone and had raised to adulthood.

With a husband, a child and the birth of twin girls, Amy didn't have the time to spend with Suzi that she'd had before - so the family adopted Reggie, a Miniature Schnauzer. Suzi and Reggie hit it off immediately, and Amy had an idea. She wanted a job that allowed her to stay home with her kids - and breeding dogs was just the thing. Sure, the pups would be mutts, but Amy felt they'd be all the more special for it.

The first experiement with breeding was a success - Suzi and Reggie were soon the proud parents of 3 puppies, Roget (m), Nola (f), and Antoinette (f), all adorable bundles of gray and white fur.


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