Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society - Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this F.A.Q. for any questions you may have regarding the SGRS and its functions.


1) What families are featured in the SGRS?
2) How are individual Sims featured here?
3) What parishes are associated with which neighborhoods?
4) How are families divided under each parish heading?


1) What families are featured in the SGRS?

All families in my Sims game: my own CAS families as well those that came with the original game and any later expansion packs. These families are divided up by 'hood, and are listed in the 'hood in which they reside.

For example, Pleasantview (listed under "Wright Parish" on this site) holds not only my CAS families but the Goths, Pleasants, Burbs, etc. and any other families that were already placed in the 'hood when the game was initially installed; this includes any Bin families I might have added to the 'hood. Though I have played these families, thus making them different than anyone else's, the basic information (and photos) are included as well as detailed ancestry records.

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2) How are individual Sims featured here?

Every single Sim on this site has its own page, or "profile card" as I like to call it.

The profile card will give basic stats on the Sim (aspiration, sign, job, etc.) along with a current photo. The next portion of the card gives the Sim's family information - mother, father, siblings, spouse(s), children; each of these names will be an actual link taking you to that particular Sim's "profile card". Below that will be basic info such as living address and arrangements and any achievements/noteworthy events of the Sim's life.

The second-to-last portion is a gallery of the Sim's profile pics - starting at the first age one was taken until the last available photo. A Sim who was born, lived, and died in my game will have a complete photo gallery featuring him/her as "Toddler", "Child", "Teen", "Young Adult" if the Sim attended college, "Adult", and "Elder".

When a Sim has died, their top profile photo is grayed out and the final portion of their profile card will contain a full obituary for the deceased Sim. The cause of death will also be added to the top of the card with the other stats.

To see a complete profile card, as an example, I refer you to the card for Anne Marie (neè Day) Lawson, the 5th Generation Heir of my first legacy challenge, The Collen Legacy.

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3) What parishes are associated with which neighborhoods?

In my game, and on this website, all of the 'hoods in my game are part of a "parish" (or "county" for the rest of the country) that includes their individual university, downtown, and suburban-type attached 'hoods. The "parish seat" (or "county seat", as most of you would say) is always the main 'hood.

For example, Pleasantview - in my game and on this site - resides in "Wright Parish" (yes, named for Will Wright). Attached to Pleasantview are the three university 'hoods that are available - Sim State University, La Fiesta Tech, and Académie Le Tour - as well as the Downtown 'hood and the Bluewater Village 'hood. All of these combined 'hoods make up the fictional "Wright Parish", with Pleasantview (the main 'hood) being the "parish seat".

With that in mind, these are the parishes associated with main neighborhoods in my game and on this website:

  • Pleasantview - Wright Parish
  • Strangetown - Viridian Parish
  • Riverblossom Hills - La Roche Parish
  • Desiderata Valley - Idlewild Parish
  • Belladonna Cove - Laketon Parish

In case you were wondering, these are the 'main hoods/associated parishes for my custom 'hoods:

  • Magda-Crist County - St. Baume Parish
  • Acadia - Evangeline Parish
  • Dramatowne - Vieux Carre Parish
  • Legacy Acres - Pinstar Parish
  • Danversport - Burgundy Parish

The SGRS site, which uses frames, has a left side menu that lists the parishes of Skasimlaki; underneath each collapsible parish heading is a listing of all the families that reside in that parish and its associated 'hoods - the families are further divided by their "type" (see below).

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4) How are families divided under each parish heading?

To further organize tihngs, each family under a particular parish is further divided into "types". There are three types of families in my game and for the purposes of this website:

  • Established Families: These are already established families created by Maxis that came with the game; these generally have ancestors that go back a few generations.

    Example: The Goths - this family has a line extending all the way back to the original Sims game. This family is listed under Established Families as "Goth".

  • CAS (Create-A-Sim) Families: CAS families sometimes intermingle with default (came with the game) Sims and their families. A family that was started as a CAS family, however, will be listed under "CAS", even if they later mingled with default game Sims.

    Example: The Alins - Aaron Alin married default NPC maid, Aiyanna Dallas, but the family is listed under CAS Families as "Alin".

  • Starter/Bin Families: These are ones who were started with NPCs and/or Townies in game (in a sub-neighborhood or uni hood, for example), mixing with other Default or CAS Sims. Though the Sims were already in game, they did not have established families to begin with.

    Example: The Stacks - Jane Stacks was a playable, starter Sim in University. She graduated, married, and moved to town; the family is listed under Starter NPCs with Jane's married surname of Rusewicz.

    There may be more than one of these families in different neighboorhoods. For example, Checo Ramirez and his family come with Bluewater Village - every 'hood can have a Bluewater Village connected to it, so every 'hood has a chance to have a Ramirez family in it (if I choose to play them in that 'hood).

    Example: The Ramirezes - Checo Ramirez runs Ramirez Fine Furniture in Bluewater Village (part of the Open for Business ep). If I played the Ramirez family in my B.V. connected to Pleasantview, then the Ramirez family would be listed, on this website, under Wright Parish underneath the "Starter/Bin Families". I also play the Ramirez family in a B.V. connected to Desiderata Valley (called Chretien Point). *That* Ramirez family is listed, on this website, under Idlewild Parish underneath the "Starter/Bin Families".

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If there is a question you would like to see added to the F.A.Q., please email Gov. Riley at skatoolaki [at] gmail.



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