My Twins

Despite the extra hard work, I really love having twins in the game. I rarely "make" it happen (though I do sometimes to follow a particular storyline I've invented); preferring to enjoy an exciting, random appearance of TWO new babies.

Surprise Indicates a pair of twins that was not planned (no cheats, no cheesecake), and was a complete - and pleasant - surprise.

All twins shown, if of age, will be displayed at the Adult stage so you may accurately view similarities; otherwise, twins will be shown at the age that they currently are.

I have not included Maxis-made twins that came packaged with the game, as there is no way of knowing if they are true twins are not. This includes Angela & Lilith Pleasant of Pleasantview and Lola & Chloe Singles of Strangetown.

* January 2007 Update
After recently downloading MATY's triplets/quads random hack, I can now have surprise (or chosen) quads and triplets in my game. They will be listed on this page just as twins are.


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Pleasantview Twins

Surprise Twin Daughters of Brandi Broke & Don Lothario
Twins! Catelyn Lothario
Twins! Isabel Lothario


Twin Daughters of Dirk Dreamer & Elise Bruenig
Twins! Chloe Dreamer
Twins! Olivia Dreamer


Surprise Twin Sons of Lucy Burb & Conrad Monif
Twins! Jeff Monif
Twins! Brad Monif


Surprise Twin Daughters of Amy Monif & Leo Deppiesse
Twins! Giselle Deppiesse
Twins! Ginger Deppiesse
Giselle Deppiesse
Ginger Deppiesse


Surprise Twin Daughters of Duc Chén & Guan-yin Miáo
Twins! Eu-meh Chén
Twins! Hua Chén
Eu-meh Chen
Hua Chen


Surprise Twin Children of Duc Chén & Guan-yin Miáo
Twins! Cai Chén
Twins! Li Na Chén
Cai Chen
Lia Na Chen


Twin Children of Cassandra Goth & Remington Harris
Twins! Jonas Goth
Twins! Josette Goth


Twin Sons of Alexander Goth & Jun Chén
Twins! Gideon Goth
Twins! Grayson Goth


Twin Daughters of Alexander Goth & Jun Chén
Twins! Abbie Goth
Twins! Emma Goth


Surprise Twin Daughters of Salena Ryan & Jimmy Phoenix
Twins! Angelique Phoenix
Twins! Josette Phoenix
Angelique Phoenix
Josette Phoenix


Surprise Twin Sons of Catelyn Lothario & Corey Harris
Twins! Samson Harris
Twins! Oren Harris
Samson Harris
Oren Harris


Pleasantview Quadruplets

Surprise Quad Sons of Isabel Lothario & Tyson Landry
Twins! Caden Landry
Twins! Elijah Landry
Caden Landry
Elijah Landry
Twins! Kale Landry
Twins! Rhett Landry
Kale Landry
Rhett Landry



Strangetown Twins

SurpriseTwin Children of Derek Tramontane & Pollination Technician
Twins! Reyna Tramontane
Twins! Nevin Tramontane


SurpriseTwin Children of Ripp Grunt & Jill Smith
Twins! Piper Grunt
Twins! Payton Grunt


Surprise Twin Sons of Nervous Subject & Meredith Lillard
Twins! Gabriel Subject
Twins! Lynden Subject


Magda-Crist County Triplets

Surprise Triplet Children of Tiffany Sampson & Cyd Roseland
Twins! Libby Roseland
Twins! Tabitha Roseland
Twins! Jaron Roseland


Youngsville Twins

Surprise Twin Children of Carmen Love & Tim Young
Twins! Nadia Young
Twins! Nicholas Young


Danversport Twins

Surprise Twin Children of Connor Deppiesse & Calista Despret
Twins! Desmond "Desi" Deppiesse
Twins! Danica "Dani" Deppiesse
Desmond Deppiesse
Danica Deppiesse


Legacy Acres Twins

Surprise Twin Sons of Mitch Lawson & Christy Stratton
Twins! Loden Lawson Phillips
Twins! Joren Lawson Phillips
Loden Phillips
Joren Phillips


Surprise Twin Sons of Ferris McLachlan & Jasmyn Parker
Twins! Adley McLachlan
Twins! Aaric McLachlan

Dramatowne Twins

Twin Sons of Alicia Ervin & Brandon McGraw
Twins! Taylor McGraw
Twins! Tristan McGraw
Loden Phillips
Joren Phillips
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