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There are times I want to know certain things: at what career level will my Sim Bambi Harlot get her Career Reward; what scholarships are available for little Jason Voorhies; what skills does Alison Ballbuster need to work on towards her Natural Science degree; what will be Vincent "The Blade" Felonious's job title when he reaches the 7th level of the Criminal career track? I usually spent a good while scouring the Internet, or pouring over guides searching for this information. Eventually I got tired of looking and put it all together in one place.

Of course, this is information that can be found by anyone playing the game or even by someone doing a little online research; I'm just putting it here all in one place for those who would like to use it as a reference. Enjoy.


There are 20 possible Career tracks in The Sims 2 (four added with the University expansion pack and six added with the Seasons expansion pack) that your Sims can pursue. A degree is required to pursue one of the University expansion careers: Artist; Natural Science; Paranormal; Show Business. Otherwise, any Sim can choose to take on any of the available Career paths.

Career Rewards are given at certain stages of a Career Track. The level a reward can be obtained varies with each Career.

Teen Sims who get after-school jobs will start off in a higher position if they choose an Adult Career in the same field. Young Adult Sims will do best in Adult Careers that are geared towards the Degree they have earned. Elder Sims will not advance the same as Adult Sims in any Career field.

Click here for more detailed descriptions of each career, including job levels and salary.


There are 11 Majors your Sim can choose from when going to college. Each require knowledge of different skills, along with going to class and doing assignments to pass.

Click here for a list of all college majors, explanations of each, and the skills required for them.

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