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Who is What?

When trying to pair my CAS Sims off with a Townie or NPC I'm always wondering if I'm getting good stock. Is this a decent Sim skill-wise, Aspiration-wise, etc. I've found a few sundry lists online that give info on some NPCs and Townies, but not all and certainly nothing definitive. I decided this was a task I must undertake.

How I Did It

I created a new neighborhood (Testville) and made a CAS Sim (Gidget Tester). Then, using the infamous boolprop TestingCheats cheat, I moved in every NPC and Townie I could to get the dirt on their innermost secrets and personalities. When the lot got too full, I killed them. Pictures were taken using SimPE.

A lot of Sims were harmed in the making of this page. Enjoy.

Though I found it after I completed this site, if you are interested in the pre-made Maxis characters in the game(s) and their histories, you should visit the List of Pre-Made Characters in The Sims at Wikipedia.

The Good Stuff

This should be all of the stock NPCs/Townies that come with the original game; if I see anymore along the way I will add them. A few might be "extras" that were thrown in at random as replacements since I was killing everyone off.

The "Bus Drivers" have me stumped. It's how they're listed, though I don't know how you could make them part of your family without using the boolprop hack. As for Chinese Delivery people, they seem to be completely random - no set NPCs for the job. I made separate houses on different lots and invited and moved in 6 of them and they were all completely different on all lots. So if you're looking for a random draw to marry into your family, order Chinese (most of them were fairly good-looking, too).

Note: I've learned that Personality & Skill points are randomly generated - so the ones I have listed may not be the ones that appear in your game.

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