Message from the Governor

On behalf of the Governor's Office, welcome to our website. We're very excited about the future of our great state, and we hope you find the information presented here a helpful guide to everything Skasimlaki-related.

If you are looking for information on the Sim families living in Skasimlaki, please visit our Genealogical Research page (i.e. the old site).

If you're curious about what exactly this site is, what's it for, or how it's run, please take a moment to read our About page.

If you would like to contact Gov. Riley, please visit the Contact page.

** I have purchased and am playing The Sims 3. I have yet to decide how I am going to feature my sims, if at all. If I do decide to showcase them and my gameplay, they may become part of this site or I may create an entirely new site for them; as yet, I am undecided. When I know more, I will announce my intentions on Skasimblog. Thanks to everyone that links here & visits the site. Even if I do not return to TS2, I will continue to work on and update this site; I have put too much work into it to abandon it completely.

In the works also is a complete ancestry website for all of the sims that shipped with TS2 and its expansions; when launched it will be called Historical Sims - I may hold off on launching it and add the ancestries of the TS3 sims, though a great deal of them are prequels from TS2; more on that later!

Remember to also check out our blog, Skasimblog, for updates on this site and on our many, wonderful citizens. Here's the latest:

The State of Skasimlaki, U.S.A.

The U.S. state of Skasimlaki, added to the Union in 2004, is divided into seven parishes. The state capital is Pleasantview, and its largest city is Cathar.

The state motto is Celerius quam asparagi cocuntu, the state bird is the Penguin, and the state flower is the Venus Flytrap. The current governor is Shanna Riley.

More information about this website and Skasimlaki can be found on the Site Guide page.

For Other Sims & Simmers

I've put together a NPC & Townie List, that covers all of the original NPC's and Townies included in the original game, as well as an extensive Maxis Ancestry guide.

You will find a guide to all careers and college courses offered in the game, along with a handy guide I put together for those that would like to die-roll for major life decisions.

If you're having trouble with naming your Sims, be sure to check out my Sim NameGen with thousands of names and name combinations.

Last but not least, the Miscellany page has some interesting facts about the game you might not have known; it also lists ghosts and their corresponding death-ghost colors. You may also find the Helpful Links for Simmers useful when it comes to naming your 'hoods and/or Sims.

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