The Dramatowne Dish

What Is It?

I tend to ease my real life sorrows by screwing up the lives of my Sims. Dramatowne is a neighborhood I created just for that - to turn the Sims' lives who live there into a sordid mess that would make any daytime TV slot happy. So far, it's been a success.

The residents of Dramatowne are a wild, wanton bunch, prone to bed-hopping, murder, and populating Dramatowne with many bastard children.

Just to warn you if updates seem slow in coming: this is only updated when I have time, and when I feel like it - in other words, not very often.

Unleash The Drama

Clicking these links will take you to my page on The Sims 2 official website, because I'm too lazy to re-create my own photo album stories here.

The Ervin Family:
Teen In Trouble

The Bliss Family:
Unrequited Lesbian Love

The Angelo Family:
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mobsters

The Melons Family:
Candi's Are Dandy

The Strumpet Family:
Stripper, Jerk, & Baby Make Three

The Cheater Family:
Who's The Baby Daddy?

The Goldman Family:
Fatal Religion

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