Site Key

Get It? Got It? Good.

There are a few abbreviations and icons that I use on this site to describe certain things. This is what each means:

The Key

m. - Married
The two Sims in question are/were married.
In other words, they're hitched or were so when they were alive.

d. - Divorced
The two Sims in question were once married but are now divorced.
As in, they've gone their separate ways.

r. - Relationship (Not Married)
The two Sims in question are dating and living together, but are not married. They may or may not have children.
In a less-p.c. sense, they're shacking up.

cw. - Child With
The two Sims in question have a child together, but have/had no other relationship with one another.
That is to say, they had a fling, an affair or a one-night stand.

- Twins
This icon indicates twins, or one of a set of twins.


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