Brandywine Parish

Antonia WinterForward
by Mrs. Antonia Winter

Greetings. My name is Antonia Winter. I am the daughter of Samuel and Georgette (neé Sanders) Wilder. I and my family have long been a part of the beautiful community of Casper Cove, and the small Brandywine Parish. My sister, Justine, is Casper Cove's foremost Animal Trainer.

I graduated with a degree in History from the University of Lafayette. This is also where I met my wonderful husband, Nolan Winter. We have three beautiful children, and two very hyper Lhasa Apsos. Nolan works in real estate with a small office behind our home, and I was a homemaker and Lhasa Apso breeder until the job for record keeper opened up. Now I keep myself busy as mother, homemaker, dog breeder, and parish record keeper. I couldn't be happier.

If there is any information - past or present - that you need on Brandywine families, or any of the lands that make up Brandywine Parish, please feel free to contact me anytime at

Cities & Towns

Casper Cove is the parish seat of Brandywine Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki. The current mayor is Arthur McNally.

Also included are the community of Sage Hill, the small business town of Hunter Crossing, and the small metro area of Old Town.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at Lafayette University or the Martin-Breaux Community College.

Government & Services

Casper Cove's presiding prefect is Mayor Arthur McNally, and the current Parish Keeper and resident genealogist is Antonia Winter. The parish branch of the State Horticultural Society is headed by Jena Benson.

Residents are kept informed by the local, daily newspaper, The Cove Gazette. Archival records of the newspaper are kept on microfilm and can be accessed at the State Office of Records.

Obituaries on all residents who have moved on from this life can be found at the State Coroner's Office. Deceased residents of Brandywine Parish make their final resting place at Casper Cove Cemetery in Casper Cove.


Danversport, and eventually the surrounding areas, were founded by knowledge sim and philosopher J.S. Guidry. Though it is one of the smaller parishes in Skasimlaki, it is a quiet and comfortable place to raise a family.

Spread out around verdant hills and surrounded by large, placid lakes, Burgundy Parish is one of the most beautiful in Skasimlaki and a regular vacation spot for those looking to get away and relax.

Go here to meet the families of Brandywine Parish: The Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society

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