St. Baume Parish

Emelie TraverForward
by Mrs. Emelie Traver

I have lived in the town of Magda-Crist County, in St. Baume Parish, all of my life. I went to the University here, met and married my husband, and am now raising four children in this lovely town. I love it here, I love the people and the amazing view off of Rex Deus Cliff looking down onto Sion River. I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else in Skasimlaki.

My passion for this area is what drove my love for its history. I have always been interested in the ancestry of age-old St. Baume families and the history of these verdant lands. I even spent many of my teen summers working part-time at the Record Keepers building with Mrs. Tolles. Stepping into this job when she left this world was so very natural to me! My husband and children are very supportive of my obsession with everything local history-related, and my daughter Maddie shares my passion and plans to take over my job someday.

Cities & Towns

Magda-Crist County is the parish seat of St. Baume Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki. The current mayor is Kiley Baena.

Also included are the the small shopping district, SarRose Village, and the sprawling city of Cathar.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at St. John University.

Government & Services

Magda-Crist County's presiding prefect is Mayor Kiley Baena, and the current Parish Keeper and resident genealogist is Emelie Traver. The parish branch of the State Horticultural Society is headed by Jane Rusewicz.

Residents are kept informed by the local, daily newspaper, Cathar City Times. Archival records of the newspaper are kept on microfilm and can be accessed at the State Office of Records.

Obituaries on all residents who have moved on from this life can be found at the State Coroner's Office. Deceased residents of St. Baume Parish make their final resting place at Belle Grove Cemetery.


The area that is now St. Baume parish was first settled by Nikola Erude after his beloved wife, Mara, fell in love with the lush and verdant lands on an air balloon expedition over Skasimlaki.

Thirty years later, the parish is one of the most prominent in Skasimlaki, coming in second only to Pleasantview.

Go here to meet the families of St. Baume Parish: The Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society

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