Vieux Carre Parish

Brooke ErvinForward
by Mrs. Brooke Ervin

I was born and raised in New Royal City, the daughter of Estella (neé Warren) and Frank Adams. I obtained a degree in Political Science from Orleans University, and then moved back to New Royal City where I got a fast-paced job in the business world. I met and married Mr. Wrong - also known as Charles Ervin - and we had a beautiful, baby girl that we named Alicia.

When Alicia was a toddler, Charles ran off with his young secretary, Dena Blomfield - leaving Alicia and I without so much as a backwards glance. Things in the city became more unstable, and when Alicia became a teen, I decided to move her out to a quiet suburb and enroll her in a good, private school. I felt much safer than having her go to the local city high school where girls her age were turning up pregnant at alarming rates.

One of the things I've learned in being a parent is that trying to stop something from happening usually causes it to occur. My darling Alicia hooked up with a local young man here in Dramatowne - Brandon McGraw - and the two now have a pair of darling twin boys, Tristan and Taylor. It isn't what I wanted for Alicia, of course, but there's no changing what's already been done. I moved Brandon into our home, helped the two get married, and quit my time-consuming business job to help Alicia raise the boys. My grandsons mean the entire world to me and are my heart; I wouldn't go back and change the past even if I could!

Alicia is now a young adult, and the boys are becoming quite the little gentlemen themselves. Brandon plans to soon join the military - which is wonderful since he can't seem to hold down a normal job - and our home life is hectic, but happy.

After quitting the business life, I needed something to occupy my mind in between changing diapers and bottle-feeding, and the Record Keeper's position was the perfect fit. I've always had a deep love for Vieux Carre Parish and it's intriguing, and sometimes, seedy history. I've learned a lot, going through the old records, and have been able to add some of my own knowledge as well. I intend to keep this position as long as the state will allow it, and can't now imagine wanting to be anywhere else. The job has also helped give me wonderful ideas for my latest endeavor, romance novelist. My first book, Sims in Heat, has done exceedingly well. My next novel, based on an infamous Dramatowne love tryst that happened over 100 years ago, Not My Nooboo, is due out soon.

I am currently pregnant and am eagerly awaiting the birth of my second child. The twins are excited to have a new playmate, and at the idea of having an uncle younger than they. The identity of the father is something I do not plan to divulge. Husband running off with young secretary, pregnant teen daughter, baby out of wedlock to unnamed person - I suppose it's all fitting for the Record Keeper of Skasimlaki's most notorious parish!

Cities & Towns

Dramatowne is the parish seat of Vieux Carre Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki. The current mayor is Regan Mitchell.

Also included are the suburbian Bourbon Boroughs, the small shopping district of St. Ann's Quarter, and the metropolitan New Royal City.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at either Orleans University or Laveau Liberal Arts College.

Residents who have moved on from this life make their final resting place at Myrtles Memorial Park.

Government & Services

Magda-Crist County's presiding prefect is Mayor Regan Mitchell, and the current Parish Keeper and resident genealogist is Brooke Ervin. The parish branch of the State Horticultural Society is headed by Carmelina Angelo.

Residents are kept informed by the local, daily newspaper, New Royal News. Archival records of the newspaper are kept on microfilm and can be accessed at the State Office of Records.

Obituaries on all residents who have moved on from this life can be found at the State Coroner's Office. Deceased residents of Vieux Carre Parish make their final resting place at Myrtles Memorial Park.


Vieux Carre Parish is one of the oldest parishes in Skasimlaki. It was founded by the once infamous Madame Ursuline, and has suffered - and come back - from numerous disasters, including the Voodoo Alien Invasion half a century ago and, more recently, the attempted take over by mad scientist, Katrina Tempest.

Vieux Carre Parish is also as renowned for its vampire population as Strangetown is for its alien population.

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