Viridian Parish

Joel SmithForward
by Mr. Joel Smith

My father could've picked anywhere to live out the rest of his life, anywhere in the U.S., anywhere in Skasimlaki, for that matter - but I am so pleased that he chose Strangetown. I can't imagine having been born anywhere else.

I'm proud of my alien heritage, and my husband loves my big "wonky" eyes. It is my intent to keep a detailed history of Viridian Parish and all of its inhabitants - green and not. We really are a wonderful, eclectic little place and that makes me proud.

Cities & Towns

Strangetown is the parish seat of Viridian Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki. The current mayor is Circe Beaker.

Also included are the small shopping district known as The Barrens and the humble metropolitan area, Tumbleweed Towne.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at La Fiesta Tech or Sui Generis University, an alien-only college founded by Julian Smith, son of Pollination Technician #9 Smith and Jenny Curious Smith.

Government & Services

Strangetown's presiding prefect is Mayor Circe Beaker, and the current Parish Keeper and resident genealogist is Joel Smith. The parish branch of the State Horticultural Society is headed by Kimberly Grunt.

Residents are kept informed by the local, daily newspaper, The Viridian Planet. Archival records of the newspaper are kept on microfilm and can be accessed at the State Office of Records.

Obituaries on all residents who have moved on from this life can be found at the State Coroner's Office. Deceased residents of Viridian Parish make their final resting place at Tumbleweed Cemetery.


Viridian Parish is a vast desert location in Skasimlaki, sparsely populated and renowned for its mixed alien population. Alien sightings and abductions are frequent here, as is the intermingling of human and alien families.

The parish was founded only in the last few years by businessman A.P. Vandermorgan, who - it is rumored - planned to use the alien-fertile area to breed half-breed aliens to work in his many factories. If this was, indeed, Vandermorgan's plan he died before ever seeing it to fruition.

Before the area was settled by A.P. Vandermorgan only military bases were housed on the lands where Viridian Parish now sits. Vandermorgan's daughter, Lyla, married into a prominent military family but died under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind three young sons. A.P. Vandermorgan and his wife, Jacqueline, preceded their daughter in death by a few short years.

Though there are no longer Vandermorgans in the area, the Grunts, which Lyla married into, and Smiths, the first half-alien family in Strangetown, are now the most prominent families in the neighborhood.

Go here to meet the families of Viridian Parish: The Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society

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