Wright Parish

Lucy MonifForward
by Mrs. Lucy Monif

My family lines goes far, far back into the annals of Wright Parish, and the area known as Pleasantview. It is my pleasure to be able to keep this legacy going strong, and to record its history for future generations.

My name is Lucy Monif, formerly Lucy Burb. I am the daughter of John Burb and Jennifer Pleasant Burb. Both of my families and their ancestors hail from this very area, and due to the efforts of my mother, I already have a large database of information on Pleasantview and it's past people.


Cities & Towns

Pleasantview is the parish seat of Wright Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki.

Also included are the small shopping district of Bluewater Village and the metropolitan area known as Downtown.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at either Sksimlaki State University or Academie Le Tour.

Government & Services

Strangetown's presiding prefect is Mayor Dustin Broke, and the current Parish Keeper and resident genealogist is Lucy Monif. The parish branch of the State Horticultural Society is headed by Catelyn Harris.

Residents are kept informed by the local, daily newspaper, The Tribune. Archival records of the newspaper are kept on microfilm and can be accessed at the State Office of Records.

Obituaries on all residents who have moved on from this life can be found at the State Coroner's Office. Deceased residents of Wright Parish make their final resting place at Pleasantview Memorial Cemetery.


Wright Parish and the neighborhood village of Pleasantview were founded many years ago by the wealthy Gunther Goth, who moved to the area with his wife, Cornelia Crumplebottom Goth, and their young son, Mortimer. Dean Goth was also the founder of Academie Le Tour where his descendants continue to be educated today.

The Goths continue to be significant members of the parish's society even today.

Go here to meet the families of Wright Parish: The Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society

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