Die-Rolling For Life Choices

A Roll of The Dice

Unless I have specific goals in mind for a particular Sim I'm usually not particularly anal about what aspirations, careers, or college majors they pursue.

In fact, I find it more entertaining to have these things picked at random - it makes for much more challenging gameplay. When I choose my own, I always find myself picking the same things (usually the easier stuff) so that my Sims' lives start to lack any kind of variety and I end up getting bored quickly.

To solve this problem, I took a concept that first originated in The Legacy Challenge wherein you rolled a six-sided die to determine your legacy teens' lifetime Aspirations. I use the original rolls determined by The Legacy Challenge for Aspirations, but have come up with my own for Careers, College Majors, and Turns-Ons/Turn-Offs. I've included them here for those that might like to do the same.

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Get Some Dice

Being an old-school pen and paper RPGer, I tend to have a number of uncommon (other than d6) dice lying around. You can always use a d6 for these, rolling more than once and adding up the points, if you wish. However, you have a few other choices:

Buy Some Dice

Dice can be found in your local RPG/miniatures shop (check local listings under "Games & Game Supplies"). You can also order some cheaply from the Internet. A few good stores are:

Download Some Dice

There are also some great programs that simulate dice rolls for you. These are helpful because you can choose to have more than one result if you'd like a bit of a choice in your Sims' destiny. A few good ones are:

Roll Some Dice

If you don't want to buy or download dice there are websites just for you. These pages have dice roller programs built right in, so all you have to do is click a button. A few really good ones are:

Sim Roll Results

Remember you can always add more than 1 result to your dice rolls if you'd like to have some say-so in your Sims' life!


This involves a six-sided die (d6).

1 = Wealth
2 = Knowledge
3 = Family
4 = Romance
5 = Popularity
6 = Pleasure


If your Sim does not have a college degree:

This involves a ten-sided die (d10).

1 = Slacker
2 = Medicine
3 = Business
4 = Politics
5 = Athletic
6 = Military
7 = Law Enforcement
8 = Science
9 = Culinary
10 = Criminal

If your Sim does have a college degree:

This involves a ten-sided die (d10) and a 4-sided die (d4).

You can also use a 20-sided die (d20), with numbers 15-20 designed as "Roll Again" and/or "Choose Your Own" - or throw in an "Unemployed" to mix it up; a 16-sided (d16) die could be used for this as well (with 15 = Roll Again, 16 = Choose Your Own), but this is a less common die.

1 = Paranormal
2 = Athletic
3 = Culinary
4 = Medicine
5 = Show Business
6 = Business
7 = Natural Science
8 = Artist
9 = Military
10 = Slacker
11 = Criminal
12 = Politics
13 = Law Enforcement
14 = Science

College Majors

This involves a 12-sided die (d12) or two six-sided dice (d6x2).

1 = Economics
2 = Biology
3 = Philosphy
4 = Art
5 = Psychology
6 = Mathematics
7 = Drama
8 = Physics
9 = History
10 = Political Science
11 = Literature
12 = Choose your own

Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

This involves a 20-sided die (d20) rolled twice for Turn-Ons and once for Turn-Offs.

1 = Swim wear
2 = Glasses
3 = Blonde hair
4 = Make-up
5 = Custom hair
6 = Formal wear
7 = Vampirism
8 = Black hair
9 = Fatness
10 = Facial hair
11 = Red hair
12 = Hat
13 = Cologne
14 = Fitness
15 = Brown hair
16 = Gray hair
17 = Underwear
18 = Face paint
19 = Stink
20 = Roll again

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