Links for Simmers

How'd I Sim Without These?!

Everyone has their favorite links for downloads, hacks, forums, etc. I thought it would be nice to see a different kind of link-list.

This page, instead, is a list of links I use to flesh out my game - links I use to find names of Sims, neighborhoods, surnames, cities, universities, apartments, etc.

Place Names

These are the links I use when I'm trying to come up with place names (street, neighborhood, university, city names, for example).


Coming up with first names is simple when compared to coming up with a fitting or decent-sounding surname. Here is where I find some of my best.

Ethnic Names

I love having a mixed neighborhood, indeed an entire "state" filled with residents of a number of nationalities, races, and cultures. To aid me in giving them appropriate names, I have found the following sites helpful.

The list is not complete, but I have included links to the nationalies and cultures I have used in my own game; more to come. Of course, these names can also be used for regular Sims who would like a special name with a desired meaning.


Even though this is a site for possible dog names, it is one of the most comprehensive name sites that I have ever seen, covering every possible idea, culture, location, icons, things, mythology, etc.

NAMES by Chinaroad

Other name sites I like:

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