Business & Commerce

Committment To The Sims of Skasimlaki

Our mission is to ensure fair commercial and financial transactions and reliable utility services by regulating and licensing business activity in the State of Skasimlaki.

Each parish in Skasimlaki is responsible for establishing and maintaining a local Business & Commerce Office located in its parish seat. Each office is responsible for business licenses, regulating business activity, and processing complaints against businesses. Contact these offices for information on businesses in any of our lovely parishes, and speak directly to the Parish Commerce Commissioner.

Businesses Registered

These are the businesses registered in Skasimlaki State.

Business Owner Location Business Type
A Cut Above Elena Pleasant Pleasantview, Wright Parish Beauty salon
Bluewater Baths & Salon Melissa Fancey Bluewater Village, Wright Parish Beauty salon
Bonnie's Flowers Bonnie Lothario Pleasantview, Wright Parish Flower shop
Calista's Danica Deppiesse Danversport, Burgundy Parish Flower shop
Chakra Krista Keegan Tumbleweed Towne, Viridian Parish Nightclub
Everything Green Dandelion Greenman Riverblossom Hills, La Roche Parish Flower shop
Hub, The Krista Keegan The Barrens, Viridian Parish Nightclub
Lamia Lilith Pleasant Pleasantview, Wright Parish Beauty salon
McGreggor's Market Leod McGreggor Riverblossom Hills, La Roche Parish Produce stand
Mobile Munchies Angel Hurt Pleasantview, Wright Parish Bakery
Taste of Tibet Dustin Broke Pleasantview, Wright Parish Restaurant
Vivid Dana Todd SarRose Village, St. Baume Parish Clothes Store


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