State Coroner's Office


The Skasimlaki Coroner's Office investigates and determines the mode, manner, and cause of death of decedents in the State of Skasimlaki.

The SCO also, working in parntership with the Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society, records and stores information on the deceased, burial records, and cemetery deeds. Each parish also has a Cemetery Commission that, along with the SGRS and the Coroner's Office, keeps a record of all burials and cemetery records for its area.


By partnering with the local Cemetery Associations, we are now able to offer "mini-obits" that can be be viewed on the individual cemetery pages.

If you know which cemetery the deceased resides in, please click on the appropriate cemetery name below - each cemetery page offers a mini-obit of its inhabitants as well as links to each deceased sim's profile card, which includes the full obituary as it appeared in the local newspaper.


Information on Skasimlaki's cemeteries and full burial records are available through the Coroner's Office in conjunction with the individual Cemetery Commissions. To learn more about a particular cemetery, the Cemetery Commission for that parish, or find an obit for a deceased sim please click on the appropriate name:

Cemetery COmmissions

All Skasimlaki cemeteries are governed by a local Cemetery Commission, which is authorized by the Skasimlaki State Coroner's Office. For more information on each Commission, please see the individual cemetery pages.

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