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For utilization by all persons interested in the genealogy, history, or biography, either amateur or professional of the U.S. State of Skasimlaki and its citizens.

Skasimlaki Society for Genealogical Research

The SSGR was created for the preservation and perpetuation of the records of ancestors and families of the commonwealth.

Each parish has its own branch of the SSGR, which is headed by a "Parish Keeper". The Parish Keeper is responsible for all genealogical work, history research, and record-keeping for their particular parish and its residents - past and present. All of a Parish Keepers work is sent and archived at the main office of the Skasimlaki Society for Genealogical Research in Riverblossom Hills, La Roche Parish.

The Parish Keepers for each parish are:

Our History: Past & Present

The following information is for Sims searching for research and resource material to assist them in the formulation of a family history and/or a genealogical data base.

The Skasimlaki Genealogical Research Society
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