Office of the Governor

Governor Shanna Riley

Shanna Riley is Skasimlaki's 1st Governor. Governor Riley is committed to helping hard-working Sim families by promoting growth in the beautiful state of Skasimlaki.


Committment To The Sims of Skasimlaki

On behalf of the Governor's Office, welcome to our website. We're very excited about the future of our great state, and we hope you find the information presented here a helpful guide to everything Skasimlaki-related.

I believe that our economic future relies on a well-educated workforce, a strong pride in our State and the desire to keep it safe and prosperous. I truly believe we must think of ourselves not as a state, but as a small nation unto ourselves.

Thank you for visiting, and for your interest in Skasimlaki's Office of the Governor. I plan to visit all of Skasimlaki's communities in the coming months, and will be recording my findings here.

You may contact me at, or find more contact information on the Contact page.


If you'd like to know more about this site and my Sims game, or just are wondering how everything is set up, please visit the About page.

Governor Riley's Side Project: The Lost Crew of the Menelaus

In 1995, a group of Twikkii Island vacationers pooled their resources together to rent a boat via bareboat charter; a common practice at the time. A group of otherwise-strangers were asked to put in and share a bareboat charter fee to rent a small yacht and travel out into the deep waters and nearby isles of beautiful Twikkii Island. It was promoted as a way to enjoy the open air of the ocean while meeting new people.

The owner of the Menelaus had been renting boats for ten years. The ship, he later testified, was in good shape and had recently been maintenanced. He was later found not at fault for the disappearance of his ship's six ill-fated crew. He had no way of predicting the hurricane that suddenly blew in, nor is any ship completely invinicible.

A few hours after the Menelaus and her crew went out, a sudden and unexpected storm - Hurricane Hecuba - swept through and around Twikkii Island; the ship and its occupants were never heard from again.

The tragic story filled the headlines of local news agencies as family members of the missing six prayed for a miracle. Everyone felt a connection to the crew and wanted to see them safely home. Sadly, that was never to be.

No one ever forgot the lost crew or the downed ship; a monument to them all stands today on Twikkii Island's South End Beach, where the ship had originally left port (the port was badly damaged during the hurricane and never rebuilt - ships no longer use it).

The crew members were:

Sayuri Yamada

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