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The Skasimlaki Horticultural Society is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together gardeners and garden professionals to share experiences.

At SHS you'll get connected to great gardens around the state, gardening education for all levels of skill, a community of gardeners eager to share their experiences, other great gardening events and activities, and more.


Members of the Skasimlaki Horticultural Society are dedicated to making our state a beautiful place and showcasing the unique and lovely gardens of Skasimlaki home owners. The Horticultural Society has branches in each of Skasimlaki's parishes, headed by locals who excel in gardening.

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Gardening Tips

The Skasimlaki Horticultural Society includes a number of experienced gardeners and agriculturists. The tips offered here for Skasimlaki's gardeners are a combination of their experiences and knowledge garnered throughout the year. It is our hope that these helpful tips can keep your garden beautiful and producing for many years to come.


Some crops do better in certain seasons than others. For those with a basic, seasonal climate this is the best formula to follow: In the Spring, you should plant the seeds for your eggplant, pepper, and strawberry crops. In the Summer, you should plant the seeds for your cucumber, pole bean, and tomato crops. Following this will give a +15 quality bonus to the crops yielded.

In addition, to ensure that a plant will be harvestable before the preferred harvesting season has ended (see Harvesting), seeds should be planted no later than:


Remember not to put off harvesting your produce: the longer a crop stays on the vine, the more its quality drops. Plants remain harvestable for 72 hours, after which they will wilt and die and no longer be harvestable.

When it comes to harvesting, for those with a basic, seasonal climate this is the best formula to follow - doing so will yield a higher crop return than normal.

Benefits of Fruit - Power Juice Recipes

If you're lucky enough to own the Main Squeezer 235X Juicer then you can use the fruits and veggies grown in your garden (or purchased) to make delicious, healthy, and helpful fruit drinks. The recipes for these hearty drinks are given below, along with what bonuses each offers.

The Main Squeezer 235X Juicer will always pick the highest quality fruit in its inventory for juice-making. Available recipes will only appear for what is available in the juicer at any given time.

Recipes are listed in alphabetical order:

Juice Ingredients Hunger Satisfaction Special Effect
Apple Juice 4 apples 8-24 Faster homework
Beauty Cocktail 2 oranges, 1 cucumber 4-12 Love potion
Eggplant Juice 1 eggplant 3-9 Random skill points
Lemonade 4 lemons 4-12 Cools sim down
Orange Juice 4 oranges 4-12 Cures colds
Orangeade 3 oranges, 1 lemon 4-12 Random badge points
Pepper punch 1 pepper, 4 pole beans, 2 apples 17-39 Energy boost
Pureed boot 1 boot 0 Freak out (random animations)
Strawberry juice 6 strawberries 12-36 Clears furious bit
Strawberry lemonade 3 lemons, 2 strawberries 9-21 Platinum mood
Tomato juice 3 tomatoes 3-9 Warms sim up
Vegetable cocktail 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 pepper, 3 pole beans 11-33 Builds skills faster



Here you can learn more about the local chapters of The Garden Club.

Joining the Skasimlaki Horticultural Society is the perfect way to grow your gardening skills throughout the year, and to participate in local gardening Yard of the Month (winners will soon be listed here on this site!).

Remember, being a member of your local Garden Club - which makes you a member of the statewide SHS - gives you a 25% discount on seed purchases!

For more information, call your local Garden Club Representative.

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