Animal Care & Control


The State Pet Registry Office provides information on breeds and pedigrees, a listing of pet trainers and pet stores, and a complete registry of all pets and their owners in the state.


Skasimlaki is proud to be the home state of some of the United States' most talented breeders. Because of this, Skasimlaki's breeders are responsible for introducing quite a few need breeds to the animal world besides the 72 known breeds that exist in the world of Sims.

New breeds, and their developers, will be listed here. For more information on any breed, please contact the individual breeders.

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Pet Adoption

Skasimlaki is home to a number of strays - please consider adopting a stray into your home. Please do not forget to call and register your new family member with us.

Another way to open your home to a needy pet, is to adopt from any of our fine local adoption shelters or first class pet stores. Contact your local Animal Controller for more information.

Wild Animals

If you are having problems on your lot with wolves, skunks, penguins, or the like, please contact your local Animal Controller for more information. Do not attempt to handle these animals yourself!



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