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The Skasimlaki Office of Records's mission is to keep an archive of all published information concerning the citizens of Skasimlaki state. Here you will find archival records for all publications released from and about the people and places of Skasimlaki.

There is no fee for obtaining records. Our office is located in Riverblossom Hills, La Roche Parish, and is run by Betty Goldstein and Catherine Viejo. All inquiries should be made to Betty or Catherine via email or phone, or by a visit to the main office.

Publications: Newspapers

Every parish and parish seat has its own newspaper office and publishes its own daily periodical. Copies of all newspapers are kept on microfilm at the Office of Records.

The newpapers for each parish are as follows:

Publications: Magazines

The following is a list of articles from various publications concerning the people or places of Skasimlaki.

Clicking on each link below will bring up a small window with said article; just close the window when you are done reading the article. Articles are listed alphabetically by name or by category.

author highlight Random Pieces:

author highlight Around Town Articles:

The "Around Town" series, done by statewide magazine, Skasimlaki Digest, interviewed and wrote articles on all of the city mayors and parish keepers of each of Skasimlaki's parishes. The articles are insightful and entertaining looks into the lives of those who governed and maintained the areas at the time.

"Around Town: Meeting the Mayor"

"Around Town: Keepers of the Parish"

Publications: Books

Skasimlaki is proud to highlight its talented authors who have had their work published worldwide.

Below is a list of Skasimlaki's published writers and a small write-up of their body of work; bios on each author will be coming soon. Authors are listed alphabetically.

author highlight Aiyanna Dallas-Alin

Book Blurb: Aiyanna Dallas-Alin shares her story of triumphant survival after an alien abduction on the eve of her own wedding in Assraped by Aliens.

Being born "Aiyanna Dallas" is all this small-town mother of two can tell you about her past. She claims her life began the day of her wedding; only hours after an alien abduction erased her previous life from her mind and left her - shaken and stunned - outside of the home she shared with fiancé, Aaron Alin.

Aiyanna blocked out the horrible incident and concentrated on being a wife and, eventually, mother to her children Alexandra and Adrian. As the children grew and needed her less, Aiyanna was left to herself...and the nightmare of her ordeal returned to her full force.

Though she remembers nothing of what happened to her during her abduction, Aiyanna is convinced she was probed and violated. She has formed a local group, Sims Observed Randomly by Extraterrestials (S.O.R.E.), where other abductees with the same fears and concerns come for support. Wanting to reach a wider audience, and to engender support for her project "Green Has to Go!" to rid alien half-breed sims from neighborhoods, Aiyanna wrote a book about her experiences.

Assraped by Aliens has made quite a stir, having as many opponents as it does supporters; its ideas and the fear of alien take-overs are discussed on talkshows across the nation, and even around the world. Whether you believe Aiyanna was abducted, or that her abduction was as traumatic as she tells it, the book is a fascinating read that will have you feeling passionately either for or against Aiyanna's green-cleansing ideals.

author highlight Brooke Ervin

Book Blurb: Brooke Ervin tells the tale of three wayward sims involved in tryst that causes more pain than pleasure in Sims in Heat.

Mother and unplanned grandmother, Brooke Ervin, exploded on the romance novel scene with Sims in Heat, the twisted tale of two best friends, Jena Dreiss and Lenaia Richards and the man they both love - Cristiano Cocker - and share.

Brooke lives in Dramatowne in beautiful Vieux Carre parish, where she helps raise her twin grandsons, Tristan and Taylor, along with daughter, Alicia and son-in-law, Brandon, where she is the Parish Keeper. A teen mother, Alicia, dropped out of high school and Brooke left her fast-paced business job in the city so they could concentrate on raising the coming babies. Between the chaos and joy, Brooke began writing. Picked up by the third publisher she sent her manuscript to, Sims in Heat, became a fast best-seller.

Her second book, Not My Nooboo, is based on a long-ago tale she pulled from a tattered, rotting diary that was found in a back room of the Parish Keeper's office. Unwed and pregnant, a young sim that lived in the early days of Skasimlaki, was sent away to live with family in Virginia until her baby - which was to be sold to a willing, rich couple unable to have their own children - was born. Brooke tells the story of young Elizabeth "Ella" Landon and the struggle of her situation in a society which did not accept tangible evidence of premarital sex.

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