Jaren Goth
Jaren Goth-Caliente

Aspiration: Popularity

Sign: Sagittarius

Degree: Art

Career: Artist

Position: Comic Book Penciller

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Celebrity Chef (Not Met)


Full Name: Jaren Koda Goth

Parents: Dina Caliente, Mortimer Goth

Siblings: None

Half-Siblings: Bella Goth, Ethan Goth, Salena Ryan, Rianne Ryan, Spencer Ryan

Spouse(s): Tehya Hallet

Children: Brylie Goth, Kieran Goth


Jaren Goth lives, with his wife and children, at 25 Toboggan Way in the village of Bluewater.

Life Events of Note


Jaren likes to joke that he isn't bisexual, he's just a "people person".

  • First Kiss: Tehya Hallet
  • First Woohoo: Tehya Hallet
  • Learned he was bisexual in college
  • Relationships in College:
    • Tehya Hallet
    • Craig Nanale
    • Merlin Roennigke
  • Live-in Girlfriend/Eventual Wife: Tehya Hallet


  • Graduated Private School with a C
  • Enrolled in Academie Le Tour
  • Went to college with §0 in scholarships
  • Majored in Psychology
  • Changed Major to Art Sophmore year
  • Graduated Cum Laude (GPA 3.7)

Through The Years

Young Adult