Mortimer Goth
Mortimer Goth

Aspiration: Unknown

Sign: Cancer

Degree: None

Career: Retired

Position: Unknown

Lifetime Aspiration: Unknown

Died of: Old Age


Parents: Cornelia Crumplebottom Goth, Gunther Goth

Siblings: None

Spouse(s): Bella Bachelor Goth, Dina Caliente

Children: Cassandra Goth, Alexander Goth, Jaren Goth


Mortimer Goth lived, with his wife and children, at ??? in the town of Pleasantview until he re-married. He left the large home to his daughter, Cassandra Goth, and moved in with his young wife, Dina Caliente, at ???; where he lived until his death of old age. His son, Alexander Goth, and his wife, Jun Chén, now own the home.


Goth, Mortimer A husband, father, and renowned resident of Pleasantview, he died peacefully in his home of old age. He was 79 and a native of Pleasantview. He is survived by his beloved wife, Dina Caliente Goth, and their young son, Jaren Goth; also his two children from his first marriage, Cassandra and husband Don Lothario and Alexander. He also leaves behind 2 grandchildren, Bella and Ethan Goth. He was preceded in death by his beloved first wife, Bella Bachelor Goth, and parents, Gunther and Cornelia Crumplebottom Goth. He will be laid to rest at Pleasantview Cemetery next to the Bella Goth Memorial.