Jun Goth
Jun Ching-Chong

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Virgo

Degree: None

Career: Artist

Position: Acclaimed Muralist

Lifetime Aspiration: Have 6 Grandchildren (Not Met)


Parents: Guan-yin Miáo, Duc Chén

Maiden Name: Chén

Siblings: Lian C. Carr, Eu-meh Chén Twins!, Hua Chén Twins!, Quon Chén, Wang Chén, Chyou Chén, Gan Chén, Lixue Chén, Cai Chén Twins!, Li Na Chén Twins!

Spouse(s): Alexander Goth

Children: Nadine Goth, Mortimer Goth , Gideon Goth Twins!, Grayson Goth Twins!, Broderick Goth, Emma Goth Twins!, Abbie Goth Twins!


Jun Chén Goth lives, with her husband and children, at ??? in the town of Pleasantview.