Alexander Goth
Alexander Goth

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Cancer

Degree: None

Career: Business

Position: CEO

Lifetime Aspiration: Reach Golden Anniversary (Not Met)


Parents: Bella Bachelor, Mortimer Goth

Siblings: Cassandra Goth

Half-Siblings: Jaren Caliente-Goth

Spouse(s): Jun Chén

Children: Nadine Goth, Mortimer Goth , Gideon Goth Twins!, Grayson Goth Twins!, Broderick Goth, Emma Goth Twins!, Abbie Goth Twins!


Alexander Goth lives, with his wife and children, at ??? in the town of Pleasantview. The home originally belonged to his stepmother, Dina Caliente, and father, Mortimer Goth.

Through The Years

Emma Goth