Heir Ian Lillard

Aspiration: Romance

Sign: Libra

Degree: None

Career: Law Enforcement

Position: Detective

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Celebrity Chef (Not Met)

Died of: Old Age


Full Name: Ian Jefferson Lillard

Parents: Dagmar Bertino, Michael Lillard

Siblings: Perry Lillard

Spouse(s): Lauren Reeves

Children: Reese Lillard Day


Ian Lillard lived, with his family, at 64 Legacy Drive in the town of Legacy Acres until his death of old age. His daughter, Reese, inherited the home.

Through The Years



Lillard, Detective Ian Jefferson Police officer, father, son, and husband, Detective Bertino died peacefully in his home of old age. He was 70 and a native of Legacy Acres. He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Reese and husband Jesse Day, and grandchildren Anne Marie and Dustin Day. He is preceded in death by his loving wife, Dr. Lauren Reeves Bertino.

Interment in private family cemetery at Collen Estate.