Perry Lillard
Perry Collen

Aspiration: Romance

Sign: Libra

Degree: None

Career: Journalism

Position: Obituary Writer

Predesitned Hobby: Arts & Crafts

Lifetime Aspiration: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers (Not Met)


Parents: Dagmar Bertino, Michael Lillard

Siblings: Ian Lillard

Fiancee(s): Emmy Kearney

Children: Holden Lillard, Heather Lillard, Hayden Lillard Twins!, Hudson Lillard Twins!


Perry Lillard lives with his wife and children at 35 Mendoza Lane in Scion City.

Perry was from the 3rd Generation of The Collen Legacy. When his brother became heir, he moved to Scion City and his line is continued as a satellite family, the Lillards.

Through The Years

Perry Collen