Amar Contrary

Amar Contrary

Aspiration: Fortune

Sign: Aries

Degree: None

Career: High School Student

Position: Private School

Predestined Hobby: Music & Dance

Lifetime Aspiration: Become World Class Ballet Dancer (Not Met)


Full Name: Amar Dhanjan Contrary

Parents: Opal Miller, Edward Contrary

Siblings: None

Adoptive-Siblings: Rick Contrary, Francine Contrary

Spouse(s): None

Children: None


Amar Contrary lives, with his adopted parents, at 1026 West Dreaming Drive, in the town of Desiderata Valley.

Amar entered -- college after graduating from private school with §2,000 in scholarships from the SimCity Scholar's Grant (§1,000) and the Tsang Footwork Award (§1,000) to pursue a degree in Drama. While in school, he lived on-campus at -- dormitory.

Through The Years

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