Rick Contrary

Rick Contrary

Aspiration: Fortune

Sign: Capricorn

Degree: None

Career: Dance

Position: Pop 'n Lock Performer

Predestined Hobby: Sports

Lifetime Aspiration: Become World Class Ballet Dancer (Not Met)


Full Name: Rick Edison Contrary

Parents: Opal Miller, Edward Contrary

Siblings: Francine Contrary

Adoptive-Siblings: Amar Contrary

Spouse(s): Violet Jocque

Children: Rowan Contrary


Rick Contrary grew up, with his parents and younger sister, at 1026 West Dreaming Drive, in the town of Desiderata Valley. He currently resides, with his wife, Violet, at 175 East Pleasure Path.

Rick and his wife, Violet, spent their honeymoon in Takemizu Village and were booked at the Flaming Dragon Hotel. On the second day of their vacation, while at the Takemizu Village Hot Springs, they were both hit by lightening; luckily they survived.

Through The Years

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