The Smith Family

1st Generation

Pollination Technician #9 Smith
m. Jenny Curious

2nd Generation

Pollination Children

Lola Singles Twins!
m. Issac Keegan

Chloe Singles Twins!
m. Daryl Gregory

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Children with Jenny

Johnny Smith
m. Ophelia Nigmos

Jill Smith
m. Ripp Grunt

Joel Smith
m. River Smith

Julian Smith

Jason Smith
m. Jasmine Bui

Jeanine Smith

3rd Generation

Johnny's Children

Nikki Smith
m. Gabe O'Brien

Julie Smith

Jill's Children

Payton Grunt
m. Cara Patch

Piper Grunt
m. Darren Carlson

Jason's Children

Caden Smith

Colin Smith

4th Generation

Nikki's Children

Iain O'Brien

Lizbeth O'Brien

Landon O'Brien

Payton's Children

Errol Grunt

Piper's Children

Lexy Carlson



Jenny's: Pepper




Paternal Lineage
(P.T. #9)

Birth Queen Line

Colony Drone Line

Maternal Lineage

Curious Family

Hogleg Family


Smith Family Outline

Smith Family History

Smith Family Blog

Adobe Acrobat File Descendants of P.T. #9